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We want you to have the Cosmetier confidence and be Frown Free safely!

Having helped countless number of patients, we understand how hard and daunting it can be to find and build trust with your health professional.

We know that when you decide to have cosmetic treatment you want complete peace of mind knowing you will be treated by caring, highly skilled and knowledgeable medical health professionals who will put your needs and emotions first. You want to be assured that you will be listened to and not rushed or pushed into having treatments which are not in your best interest. You want to know that the treatments you have will be safe and will not leave you looking ‘plastic’. You want your practitioner to be kind and gentle explaining what they are doing and why. Ultimately, you want to look refreshed like you’ve been on holiday and had a relaxing break, without anyone saying you have had any treatment.

We promise that you will be treated with respect and kindness as if you are our family or friends. You will be cared for and educated all the way along your treatment journey. We go a long way to ensure we are constantly monitoring and improving our quality of skill and knowledge to ensure you get the best treatment for your needs.

 ‘I would definitely recommend Cosmetier as at each appointment I feel I am getting the best treatment and never feel rushed.’ Judy Stanton, Harlington


Look and Feel Refreshed with the FROWN FREE GUARANTEE

 I would urge anybody thinking about having fillers or botox to speak to Rachna. From the initial consultation to the aftercare the whole experience was excellent. I have had a follow up consultation to see if I am happy with the results and I definitely am and am so pleased with the whole process and results.   - Sophie Whittaker

what concerns you

  • Medical Body Contouring Centre Toddington, UK

    Lines / Wrinkles

    Do you want to reduce the lines and wrinkles on your face and neck? Do you want t..

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  • Medical Body Contouring Centre Toddington, UK

    Pigmentation or Uneven skin tone

    Are you bothered about the dark patches or sunspots on your skin? Does your skin tone look uneven? O..

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  • Medical Body Contouring Centre Toddington, UK

    Thin Lips

    Do you wish that your lips were fuller and more visible yet still natural? Have you got little lines arou..

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  • Medical Body Contouring Centre Toddington, UK

    Volume Loss

    Do you pull the skin on your face back and think that I look so much better when the skin is tighter! Or ..

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  • Medical Body Contouring Centre Toddington, UK

    Bumpy/ scarred skin

    Do you wish your skin was smoother? Would you like your skin to be rejuvenated from below? Derma FNS®..

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  • Medical Body Contouring Centre Toddington, UK

    Acne / Redness

    Do you suffer from breakouts and spots? Is your skin more red in some areas than others? There are more t..

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  • Medical Body Contouring Centre Toddington, UK

    Dull /Tired skin

    Do you want to have a refreshed look where you look energetic and youthful? We have lots of treatments designed to bring that lost brightness back ..

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  • Medical Body Contouring Centre Toddington, UK

    Migraines/ Teeth grinding

    Do you suffer from migraines such that medication is not helping you or do you grind your teeth at night, causing your jaw to ache? We can relax th..

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See what our clients say about us

  • Cosmetier Toddington Medical Centre

    Karen Holmes


    I chose Cosmetier because I have been thinking of having fillers or Botox but was not really sure about which was best for me.  I am 45 and I am really conscious about my cheeks and droopy skin over my eyes.  I saw an advert for an evening Introduction to Cosmetier at the Toddington Medical Centre so people could see what was available. I was interested in all the treatments and booked for a consultation.  I was a bit scared as I am a bit nervous of needles but Rachna put me at ease straight away.  Rachna made me feel very comfortable at the consultation and I was not pushed into anything.  After a long chat about how I wanted to feel and look and also after explaining what problems I felt I had with my skin, Rachna took photographs and we discussed further what could be done to help make me look younger and better about my appearance. I am so pleased with the results I would definitely recommend Cosmetier as at each appointment I feel I am getting the best treatment and never feel rushed.    The fillers in my cheeks and under my jaw were instant and the botox around my eyes took about 7 days to show any difference.  Every time I looked in the mirror I could see my eyes getting brighter and I really noticed when I applied my make up that my eyes had lifted and my cheeks were fuller.  I had more definition in my jawline.  I look 10 years younger! I am really happy with the results and I have had lots of complements and find myself looking in the mirror a lot more.  I really cannot believe the results from the treatments.   

  • Cosmetier Toddington Medical Centre

    Kerry Barton


    Rachna was recommended to me by a friend.  I attended for an initial consultation where Rachna examined my face, discussed my current skincare routine and also listened to my expectations of the treatment. It was clear from meeting Rachna that she was a very honest person and she was also interested in making sure I was happy with the treatment she was proposing and more importantly that I was to be completely happy with the outcome.  I felt completely relaxed throughout the treatment and in safe hands.  In addition it was also pain free! The treatment I have received has definitely softened the lines on my face and I also have cheekbones!  I now wake in the morning, look in the mirror and see a fresher looking face staring back at me. I would definitely recommend Rachna to my friends and family and would not hesitate in going back to see her in the future.

  • Cosmetier Toddington Medical Centre

    Clare Hammson

    Leighton Buzzard

    I chose to have my treatment at Cosmetier because of the very convenient location.  It is in a medical setting rather than a beauty salon.   I found the service excellent, friendly and responsive.  I was given lots of good information. I received sensible talking through of notes and outcomes of treatment. I would recommend Cosmetier to friends and family.

  • Cosmetier Toddington Medical Centre

    Kate Greene


    I came to the open evening and was really impressed with the knowledge demonstrated and the consultation was so thorough it settled any reservations I had.  I found the service excellent and very professional and Rachna is a perfectionist.  I have already recommended Cosmetier to friends and family.  The only improvement in an ideal scenario would be to perhaps have a separate waiting area.

  • Cosmetier Toddington Medical Centre

    Jenny Powell


    ‘I have thought about having 'Botox' many times over the last few years. Some of my friends have had it done but I never made the jump as I didn't feel completely satisfied with the environment it was done in. For example a person coming in but then not coming back for another month, I wanted a person that understood the importance of sterile conditions and if there was a problem I could go and talk to straight the way. I didn't like the idea of people without medical background let loose with a needle. I work within the Beauty industry myself and felt something as important as Botox should be done by someone with a more in depth knowledge of the human body. As Rachna is used to using needles with her dentistry and is both very particular and thorough, I felt in safe hands. I would recommend her whole heartedly’

Are you willing to take a risk with your face and let just ‘anyone’ treat your skin?

Cosmetic Clinic Toddington, UK

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