At Cosmetier, we don’t just care about your skin; we care about YOU.

Our clients care about themselves as well as their skin. They want to maintain healthy skin, treat problem areas and look and feel the best they can.

As you age, your skin cell turnover slows down and the production of collagen and elastin declines, causing your skin to become congested or look dull and tired.

This is the time when using effective medical-grade skincare products is really key to the long-term health and radiance of your skin.

Skin rejuvenation encourages your body’s own cells to produce collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin so your skin appears tighter, smoother and radiant.

"Dr Rachna's AlumierMD skincare regime has changed my skin. Everyone keeps commenting on how bright and clear it is looking. I love my AlumierMD skincare regime."K.Rayat, Bedfordshire

The result? You feel more confident and you have happy skin.

Two of the main ways of rejuvenating skin include Dermapen Microneedling and Chemical Peels. These can be used separately or in combination, depending on your skin type, the result you desire and the results of your consultation.

The correct, recommended skincare products and routines are also key to maintaining the effects and health of your skin after your treatments.

At Cosmetier, we tailor everything for you as a unique person with unique skin and all of this will be covered with you when your skin assessment and treatments are undertaken.

Skincare Range

You will never be overwhelmed with products but instead can start with simple routines you can use on a practical basis to suit your busy lifestyle.

We can then introduce additional specific serums for you such as vitamin C, Retinols and other medical-grade products in order to better achieve the specific results you want. These products are designed to help work at the cellular level of your skin so that you can attain radiant skin for the long term.

Not all products suit all skin, so your skin will be consistently assessed throughout your journey of treatment.

We believe in educating you about the products you are using with clear instructions on why you are using them and how.


Let us help you with your skin concerns and help you feel amazing!


Healthy and youthful skin is radiant – it reflects light like a diamond.

Our choice at Cosmetier is to use AlumierMD skincare to treat your skin.

Our brand of choice understands the physiology behind different skin types and conditions, and they have translated this into a powerful and comprehensive medical-grade, luxury skincare line.

Their philosophy aligns with our values as a clinic to provide bespoke, individual care to you as our client, only ever using high-quality products.

Combining state-of-the-art science-based formulations with innovative delivery systems, their products and professional treatments work together to address multiple skin concerns and perform progressively over time. These systems also enable us to tailor the treatments to your unique skin and attend to the specific concerns you have, taking into account your lifestyle and you as an individual.

These highly effective products are also paraben, mineral and sulphate free and contain the ingredients your skin needs to be healthy.

Find out more about AlumierMD here.

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Our Promise

We promise that you will be treated with every respect, consideration and kindness.

We promise to go the extra mile to care for you and educate you every step of the way on your treatment journey and we will always be honest with you about what is right for YOU.

We promise you will never be rushed or pushed into having treatments which are not in your best interest and it is always entirely your choice whether you proceed or not.

Be assured that the aesthetic and skincare treatments at Cosmetier are always safe and ethical and we promise we will never leave you looking ‘plastic’ or ‘fake’.

Dr Rachna Sharma with her happy clients