Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

We pride ourselves at Cosmetier on our Frown-Free Guarantee* and vow to never make you look ‘frozen.’

These anti-wrinkle treatments are used with the purpose of smoothing and softening your frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines whilst allowing you to still maintain movement, expression and emotion in your face. The aim is to help your overall appearance.

Although aimed at stopping wrinkles to develop, the result can actually help you to look less angry (a reason a lot of clients come in is that their children or spouses say they look angry all the time when they are not!).

You may also benefit from this treatment in your chin if it has a tight, dimpled appearance and it also helps to opens up your eyes and gives a less tired look.

Frown-Free Guarantee* T&Cs apply

"After having wrinkle reduction treatment for my frown and crows feet, my eyes look brighter and more open."P.Vickors, Bedfordshire

How do lines and wrinkles appear?

Crease lines and wrinkles are a natural process due to a combination of ageing, sun damage, gravity and the repeated muscle action of laughing, talking, frowning and crying. As you have individual and unique ways of using your muscles, wrinkles will appear in different places on different people.

This is why one treatment doesn’t suit all – your treatment is always bespoke to you.

Injecting botulinum toxin into the affected area temporarily relaxes the underlying muscles responsible for wrinkling.

The wrinkles then become smoother or disappear altogether and, as a result, your entire facial expression will become more relaxed, but by no means mask-like. The overall appearance will open your eyes, giving you a more youthful appearance.

The initial effects of treatment start to become visible after 72 hours. The maximum effect is more realistically reached in 2 weeks. A top-up may be required at this stage to reach the required result.

The effects of your treatment will generally last for 3 to 4 months. Re-treatment is then required as your muscles regain movement. For optimum effect, treatment is recommended three to four times a year. This is best to do before the effects fully wear off again as the result can be cumulative insofar as your wrinkles are not deepening or progressing over these periods.


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Which areas can be treated?

Frown lines are the most popular to treat. Sitting between the eyebrows, the vertical frown lines result from overactive muscles. These muscles are also used when concentrating or expresses anger, confusion or anxiety as you draw the eyebrows inward. Some people use different muscles for raising the brows; others “talk” with their forehead.

Relaxation of the overactive brow muscles using our anti-wrinkle injections helps to eliminate the unwanted frown lines.

Crows feet are also an area that people want to treat. This can soften and eliminate wrinkles radiating from the corner of your eyes, caused by smiling, laughing or squinting. These lines can be especially distressing, especially if they are deep or run downwards touching onto the cheeks too.

Previously, no reasonable medical or surgical solution improved this problem due to the behaviour of the strong underlying muscles. Even with the deepest chemical peels or laser resurfacing techniques, rapid recurrence of these lines around the eyes was inevitable.

Now, anti-wrinkle treatments have proved to be effective at preventing the recurrence of wrinkles by inhibiting these underlying muscles effectively.

Safety and Consultation

These treatments are safe when carried out by a professional doctor and injected in exactly the right place in correct doses. There are some risks which we will tell you about in your consultation and prior to your treatment.

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, and Dr Sharma will examine your facial areas carefully to understand how your individual muscles operate in order to offer you the best and most effective treatment possible.

Costs vary from £225 – £ 350 depending on what your desired outcome is and how many areas need treating. In order to achieve a holistic look, you may also benefit from dermal fillers. If you have both Filler and anti-wrinkle treatments, it can often reduce the investment.

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Our Promise

We promise that you will be treated with every respect, consideration and kindness.

We promise to go the extra mile to care for you and educate you every step of the way on your treatment journey and we will always be honest with you about what is right for YOU.

We promise you will never be rushed or pushed into having treatments that are not in your best interest and it is always entirely your choice whether you proceed or not.

Be assured that the aesthetic and skincare treatments at Cosmetier are always safe and ethical and we promise we will never leave you looking ‘plastic’ or ‘fake’.

Dr Rachna Sharma with her happy clients