Lip Fillers

Fuller lips look more youthful and define your smile but are you worried that your lips may look ‘pouty’ and ‘fake’, that people may notice and make comments?

Are you concerned that they may feel lumpy and bumpy and that when you kiss your loved ones, it will feel different?

Are you put off from having lip fillers because you’re worried about what may go wrong?


"I love my new lips. They still look natural yet fuller and more defined. I can see my lipstick now" A. Buck, Bedfordshire

At Cosmetier, we use Belotero® Lips Contour and Shape filler because this unique combination of product is specifically designed to give you a balanced natural result.

Belotero® Lips Contour filler acts as a lip pencil so that your lips get the definition they need while the Belotero® Lips Shape filler give your lips the body and volume they need so they naturally show more red.

Are you unsure whether your lips will benefit from lip fillers?

Here is the Merz Aesthetic Lip scale which we would use to assess the fullness of your top lip. Which number represents your top lip?

Merz-Aesthetic-Lip-Scale-lip-filler-chart If you are at a 0 or 1, as you can imagine, it will take time to get to full-thickness level 4. On the other hand, if you are 3 or a 4 and you thought you need more volume then you may risk looking fake and out of proportion. Usually, you can expect to go up one level on the scale with lip fillers.


Let us help you with your skin concerns and help you feel amazing!


If you’ve always been bothered by thin lips that disappear when you smile or you get annoyed because you can’t apply your lipstick because there’s hardly any lip or you feel your lips make you look older then now you can change your lips and get the best lips suited to your facial features.

Having massive, out of proportion lips look like they’ve been treated! I am sure that is not the look you are after. You want to look in the mirror and see beautifully contoured and shaped lips, but you don’t want anyone to know that you have had any treatment. Still looking like yourself after your lip filler treatment.

You want to be able to smile, kiss and show your emotions with confidence.

If that’s the look you are after click on the link below to book your lip consultation with our clinic located in Dunstable, where you can discuss how you want your lips to look and I can assess how you can achieve the look you desire. Not only do I assess your lips but also your entire facial profile so that whatever treatment we do is balanced.

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We promise that you will be treated with every respect, consideration and kindness.

We promise to go the extra mile to care for you and educate you every step of the way on your treatment journey and we will always be honest with you about what is right for YOU.

We promise you will never be rushed or pushed into having treatments that are not in your best interest and it is always entirely your choice whether you proceed or not.

Be assured that the aesthetic and skincare treatments at Cosmetier are always safe and ethical and we promise we will never leave you looking ‘plastic’ or ‘fake’.

Dr Rachna Sharma with her happy clients