5 Myths About Dry Skin

With so many contradicting articles online, it can be confusing to work out what you should actually be doing to improve your dry skin. The most effective solution is to book an appointment with our skincare expert so you know you’re getting the most accurate and suitable treatment plan for you. In the meantime, here are some of the biggest myths we keep seeing that just aren’t true.

Don’t exfoliate 

Skipping out on exfoliation could mean that your other products aren’t being absorbed as well and therefore not as effective. Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells from the surface leaving your skin looking bright and allows you to experience the full benefits of any following products applied. 

It is true that some mechanical exfoliants can be too harsh on dry skin, potentially leaving small dents leading to an uneven appearance. We would recommend a chemical exfoliant, like the AlumierMD AHA Renewal Serum, to gently remove dead skin cells while still leaving your skin hydrated.

Showers and baths help hydrate skin

It is in fact the opposite! Soaking your skin in hot water for an extended period of time can strip the natural oils from your skin that are essential for keeping it hydrated. The loss of this oil leads to dehydrated skin that can feel dry and tight.

Opt for a lukewarm shower to avoid greater levels of dehydration afterwards. See our blog post on dehydrated skin for more information. 


Thick moisturiser

As tempting as it can be to slather on layers of thick cream to hydrate your skin, this is often not the best solution – or any solution at all! Heavy moisturisers often take longer to absorb into the skin, leaving you looking shiny and greasy and potentially clogging your pores, adding breakouts to your list of skin worries. 

Ideally, you should be applying effective serums that have been formulated with ingredients to hydrate your skin by penetrating deeper than the superficial layers.

Expensive skincare products work better

The effectiveness of skincare products is not determined by the price tag. The most important factors to consider are the suitability of the ingredients for your skin and the sequence of use. So many people are wasting money on skincare products that look great and feel luxurious but don’t do what they marketed to do. 


Using soap and water is best

This is a misconception, often passed down from earlier generations based on what they used to do. Soap will dry your skin further by removing the very oil it needs to retain moisture. Your skin is the largest organ and, like your heart or lungs, it is alive with cells that are growing and dying. To get healthy, soft, smooth skin you will need a proven medical-grade skincare system bespoke for your skin needs.

For the best, qualified and experienced advice, book a skincare consultation with Dr Sharma to get a skincare program tailored to you and your skin. She will support and guide you so that you always have an expert by your side.