Dehydrated Skin Doesn’t Always Mean Dry Skin

A common misconception is that dehydrated skin = dry skin, this is untrue! Oily skin types can also be suffering from dehydrated skin as it differs to dry skin. Dehydrated skin can often mean unhealthy skin leading to premature signs of ageing, understanding your skin and properly looking after it can help protect it from damage.

What are the effects of dehydrated skin?

Lack of hydration in the skin inhibits effective exfoliation of dead skin cells causing your skin to lack lustre and look dull. Overtime lack of hydration will make your fine lines more obvious and leave your skin looking rough and overstretched. 

The hydrolipidic barrier is your skin’s first line of defence against bacteria and other environmental pollutants; When your skin is dry and dehydrated, this barrier is compromised, leaving you exposed to infection and bacteria.

What healthy skin looks like.

Water loss across your skin when you have well-hydrated skin vs when your barrier is damaged.

If we break it down – hydro, meaning hydration; lipid, meaning oil; and barrier, meaning protection. This barrier protects the skin by retaining water as the oil stops it from leaking out. If your skin is dehydrated this barrier forms unhealthy, small holes allowing water to escape, as demonstrated in the graphic above.

Benefits of hydrated skin

No matter how thick your cream or what products you put on, if your hydrolipidic barrier is unhealthy, your skin won’t retain them so it loses a lot of the product. The same can be said for make-up: hydrated, good skin needs less make-up and application will be a lot smoother so will look natural, not cakey, and make you feel more confident. Proving that hydrated skin will not only keep you looking beautiful but also save you money.

Hydration also leaves your skin soft and smooth to touch. According to a review from a client’s 6-year-old daughter – “the only part of your body that feels nice to touch is your face” what more evidence is needed!

Signs of dehydrated skin

Identifying dehydrated skin can be difficult. That’s why we recommend booking a video consultation with Cosmetier’s skin expert, Dr Sharma, who will be able to see the signs straight away and offer the best treatment options for you. 

Generally speaking, dehydrated skin will feel tight and look dull. You can squeeze the skin between finger and thumb if fine lines appear then your skin is likely dehydrated. Although it’s not to be confused with dry skin! Dehydrated skin craves water replenishment whereas dry skin requires oil or lipid replacement and will need more moisturiser throughout the day. 

Initial advice when suffering from dehydrated skin would be to drink plenty of water, exfoliate to remove excess dead skin, avoid harsh skincare products and hot baths/ showers. But most importantly, book a video consultation with our skincare specialist who can advise a proper, tailored solution to get your plump, soft skin back.

Clinic-level hydration at home

It’s been a long, harsh winter, with dark evenings, being stuck indoors and the Beast from the East 2.0, our skin is feeling it and is screaming out for a hydration boost. Your prayers have been answered – you can now get in-clinic treatment results at home for the first time ever!

AlumierMD @ Home Hydration Kit

AlumierMD has launched a new @Home Hydration Kit, a brilliant oil-free and lightweight mask, making it suitable for all skin types, tones and conditions. This 3-step protocol provides intense hydration and next-level exfoliation to give you beautiful glowing skin from the comfort of your sofa.

Bright & Clear Solution 

This exfoliating solution removes dead skin cells to support a youthful, radiant complexion. This is the perfect solution to use as the first step as it enhances the absorbability of any ingredients applied afterwards so you’ll feel the full benefit of your skincare favourites. 

Before-After-Bright & Clear

Aqua Infusion Mask

Until now, this lightweight, skin drenching mask was only available in-clinic. The Aqua Infusion mask is intensely hydrating, it naturally boosts your skin’s ability to retain moisture leaving your skin looking refreshed and plump. Its innovative ingredients ensure deep penetration and retention of moisture whilst soothing the skin. This mask would be used in-clinic before a chemical peel.

Eye rescue pads

Another product previously unavailable at home is the brilliant eye rescue pads. These vitamin-filled pads will leave you looking refreshed and bright-eyed. Its powerful peptide ingredient works to strengthen skin and improve elasticity, which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


If you’re suffering from dehydrated skin, or any other skin troubles, book an appointment with Dr Sharma here at Cosmetier for a full diagnostic and treatment program to get you back to feeling your best.