Avoid looking fake when treating signs of ageing with injectables

Ageing is inevitable for everyone. There are things we can do to limit and prevent signs of ageing but not eliminate them altogether. As you age your skin cells begin to die as part of the natural ageing process and due to the different stressors your skin is exposed to. 

This ageing process can give us a confidence knock as our skin begins to look tired, dull and saggy. With the added pressures of a ‘picture perfect’ society constantly in our face via social media, it’s no wonder so many people feel unhappy in their looks. 

Sagging, dropping skin is usually what people think of when they think of ageing skin. However, as you age some fat pads in your face are expanding and increasing, namely the nasolabial folds and jowls. 

To treat the ageing process you need to first understand what is happening to you and your skin specifically. This is where you need the expert opinion of Dr Sharma as she will listen and understand what is bothering you. She will then assess your skin and facial profile holistically. This involves looking at the area that is bothering you as well as assessing where and how your skin is ageing. This first step of listening and understanding is crucial to successfully help you and get a grasp of exactly what’s bothering you as this then allows Dr Sharma to discuss and recommend a comprehensive, personalised treatment plan best for your skin needs.

Achieving the ‘perfect’ look

It may not be what you want to hear, or it may be exactly what you want to hear, but there is no one perfect look. Perfection is a way of armouring ourselves against feeling vulnerable. Chasing this fictitious portrayal of people online will likely lead to you looking fake and overdone as it is so easy to visit a practitioner who will agree with all your requests and fill your face with unnecessary products in the wrong place by chasing lines and wrinkles on your face.

Social media is largely to blame for this society of the picture-perfect that can leave you feeling like you’re not enough when in reality you are and the images you see are edited and unrealistic. 

A constant strive for perfection and not accepting yourself can make your treatment journey difficult as these injectable treatments and medical-grade skincare products are designed for subtle enhancements not radically changing your whole face. When you are content with yourself but just want to look the best for your age and feel refreshed through little tweaks, this is when your results are best and most effective. 

Achieving your perfect look with Cosmetier is based on medical science and art. We fully understand the science behind the ageing process and that’s what we need to address in order to restore what you’ve lost. No two faces are the same. Actually, each side of your face is not even the same and so they shouldn’t be treated as such.


Your best results

The key to optimal results is a trusting relationship between practitioner and patient. Finding a practitioner that takes time to get to know you, your skin, your concerns and your goals is the key to a stress-free skincare journey.

Dr Sharma prides herself on being honest about what she can see. You might look tired or older than you feel but don’t feel ready for injectables, Dr Sharma will respect that and give you a treatment plan that doesn’t include injectables but will explain the limitations of this and go through the disadvantages and advantages of the plan. 

“I wholeheartedly believe that as a Cosmetic Doctor, it is my responsibility to empower you with knowledge about all the available treatment options suitable for the skin concern that you present with.”

Having an in-depth discussion with you on what you want to achieve is why we have a history of happy clients. We need to understand what you want to achieve as it is our duty to have your best interest in mind whilst using our expertise to advise and guide you.

We work through what treatment option is best for you. You may be looking for treatment for jowls but you actually may need filler in your cheeks before addressing the jowls directly. Or you may need a collagen stimulant filler in your jaw because you need skin tightening instead of volumising. All these products behave in different ways and therefore will target different concerns and ultimately, achieve different results. Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are often where people look when addressing signs of ageing but these are not always what is needed with 75-80% of your skin being made up of collagen, skin tightening and collagen-stimulating treatments cannot be neglected as a treatment option.

If your practitioner doesn’t understand why you want a treatment or what it’s meant to achieve, they may only suggest one treatment. Profhilo is a prime example of this – it is an incredible treatment for improving skin texture but will not add volume and lift, this is where you would need dermal fillers.

One issue many people who complain of looking fake face is visiting a practitioner that can’t say no.  What you want and what you need can be very different, that’s why it’s important you get an assessment for yourself and what you need. Dr Sharma will say ‘no’ to undertaking treatments if she thinks it could cause you to look fake or will not deliver what you actually want to achieve.

The support structure of the face has gradually been lost over time. It needs time to be progressively replaced. This is why we would rather restore and balance what has been lost over time. We can always add more, rather than overfilling and running the risk of an unnatural result.

Natural results guarantee

By using expert techniques specific to your skin and ageing process, quality products and restoring what you have lost, we guarantee you will never look fake when you have treatments at Cosmetier. Book a free consultation with Dr Sharma today.