Taking care of stressed skin during isolation

Your skin will be stressed during isolation

In such unprecedented times, our immune system is not the only thing we must take very good care of.

Our skin is particularly vulnerable due to both increased washing and use of alcohol gel and also from the stress of social isolation.

As a human you are a social being and therefore, it is important to take care of your mental and physical well-being.

Your skin will respond to mental stress and if you are house-bound and unable to exercise, your skin may be more dry and irritated.

When we move and get fresh air, not only can our skin breathe but our body releases ‘happy hormones’ which reducing stress and lowers the production of cortisol, a stress hormone response.

Here are some top tips to both maintain healthy, hygienic and safe skin.


  1. After your washing your hands the advised way for 20 seconds with a foaming handwash, remember to moisturise or use an emollient with an antibacterial element to it to prevent over drying of your hands. (It has been suggested that a foaming wash will further reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19)

  2. You can continue to maintain healthy skin on your face and neck by continuing to use AlumierMD, a medical grade product designed to help your skin cells from the lowest level. This will ensure that your skin remains sufficiently hydrated and is given all the topical ingredients it needs in this time of stress. AlumierMD can be delivered directly to your door once I have registered you. Remember I am here for you so if you have questions about whether you need to change your products or introduce new ones you can email me to arrange an online consultation and chat. You are not alone through this.

  3. For some, being confined to the house can mean overindulging refined sugar in chocolate, alcohol and other convenience foods. Consumption of refined sugar can cause your skin to glycate. This is where the skin will visibly appear more wrinkly, dry and coarse. A little is fine but be aware of the known dangers of overindulging.

  4. Drink plenty of warm water to flush out the toxins and to prevent illness. It has been suggested that drinking a warm drink every 20 minutes will encourage any viral infections to be washed into your gut thus eliminating them by your strong gastric juices. TIP: Drink a pint of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon as this is an alkaline drink which will increase your overall immunity as well reducing your risk.

  5. Ensure that you’re eating your fruit and veg, especially greens and those which are rich in potassium as these will increase your immunity. Such foods include bananas, avocado, cantelope melons, dry fruit including apricots. Look for yellow foods.

    For your skin, a well-balanced diet with a balanced amount of healthy carbohydrates (sweet potato, brown rice and brown pasta), protein (chicken, fish, turkey or certain lentils) and essential fats (avocado, salmon, mackerel) is recommended to keep your skin healthy and well- nourished in this time of high stress.

Remember I am here for you, whether it is for skin advice or because you need to have chat so feel free to reach out by emailing [email protected]

Stay safe, stay at home.