5 Ways To Reduce Anxiety When Deciding On Having Aesthetic Treatment

In today’s society, we have become far more accepting and open-minded, striving to embrace everyone’s way of life. However, we still can’t help but feel vulnerable and exposed when we have to talk about our physical and emotional problems. When it comes to aesthetic treatments, it is so easy to feel under the microscope talking about skin problems, body confidence issues and lifestyle choices; At Cosmetier, we strive to make our clients feel comfortable and relaxed from start to finish of the treatment process.

We want to help you feel confident and ready to talk about your struggles and insecurities regarding your appearance so that we can provide advice, information and a bespoke treatment plan. Our main priority is that you feel that you’ve got all the information you need to make the right decision for you. 

These are our top tips for finding the perfect treatment and practitioner for you:

1. Read Reviews

Reviews are vital when finding the right clinic and practitioner for you. Feeling anxious to let somebody perform aesthetic treatment on your face is inevitable, but reading reviews and hearing how other patients have felt from these practices will only solidify if they seem right or wrong for you. It will give you first hand insight into the quality and reliability of the clinic’s treatments and the professionalism of their practitioners. 

2. Check their Website and Social Media

The personality of a clinic is instantly shown through their social media. Keeping up a professional, eye-catching and factual social media profile for any business is difficult. However, aesthetic clinics that strive to keep up their online presence and match it to their ethos in the practice are straight away showing their transparency and professionalism to the industry and fellow competitors. 

3. Book a Video or Phone consultation

Walking into a clinic and being face-to-face with a practitioner could feel intimidating and a lot of pressure. Deciding on the treatment you are wanting is a big decision but finding the right practitioner for you could be equally as hard. Having a consultation in the comfort of your own home, with no pressure to make a decision then and there and the ability to end the call whenever you need to will take a huge weight off your shoulders. Overall allowing you to feel comfortable and open up with ease. 

One of the most important qualities of an aesthetics practitioner is compassion, so before opening up face-to-face, why not start with a phone call? Any step you need to take to make the decision easier will be understood by the right practitioner for you.

4. Write All Your Questions And Ideas Down

A consultation is about you; what treatment you want, your questions, or the advice you are looking for. Therefore, going into the consultation with a list or notes of exactly what you’re after will take away a huge amount of pressure. Although practitioners are trained to analyze your face and then suggest treatments and skincare best for you, if you have a clear idea of what area you would like to talk about, it will only reduce the anxiety for you going into the consultation initially.

Knowing you will leave the consultation with all the answers, information and advice you need to make the right decision will give you so much more excitement and confidence to get your journey started.

5. Book something exciting to do afterwards

Going into a consultation feeling anxious is completely normal, but when you find the right practitioner for you and feel confident that you’ve also decided on the right treatment, it will only bring you excitement for the next step. 

If you are feeling anxious and need something else to distract yourself with, after what you might feel as an intense consultation, why not organize a coffee date or meet up with a friend to talk about it. Everyone deals with anxiety and intensity differently, whether you need to distract yourself or talk about it, making a decision comes when you’re ready. 


What to expect from Dr. Sharma and Why Choose Cosmetier?

Cosmetier has 4 key values; Caring, Trust, Empowering and Excellence. We take care to actively listen and understand exactly what concerns our patients have to make sure we deliver excellence through every stage of their aesthetic journey. We make a promise to always put all our patients’ health and wellbeing first. We build trust by really understanding our patients’ concerns and needs as well as providing as much information about our treatments and products in order to empower our patients to make informed choices throughout the entire journey. 

“My vision is to provide the best and most professional aesthetic treatments for you, offering the very highest standard of products and care in a safe and comfortable environment so you enjoy your experience”
– Dr. Rachna Sharma

Here at Cosmetier our first step in your treatment journey is a video consultation where Dr. Sharma will talk to you about what you’re really looking for and the end result you’re after. Your skin and facial profile will be analysed and she will then talk you through what she would recommend, and explain how it would help you. She will never encourage you to get a treatment that she doesn’t think will benefit you, even if that’s what you had initially booked the consultation for. Above all, Dr. Sharma prides herself on her honesty and professionalism when working with her clients.

“I feel valued, listened to, and truly cared for by Dr Rachna Sharma.  She takes the time to go into very detailed explanations on the treatment and I always feel positive and uplifted after her consultation”
– Sharon Williams

“Dr Rachna Sharma is, without doubt, one of the most genuine, thoughtful, kind people I have been fortunate to meet”
– Joanne Wittich

We want to assure you that you can fully trust Dr. Sharma; she is bound to confidentiality and there is very little she hasn’t worked with or seen before. Dr. Sharma understands that nobody’s skin is the same, nobody lives the same 24 hours in a day and everyone sees different things in the mirror.

“ Always a warm friendly welcome. I always feel so at ease and would recommend Cosmetier to anyone who is feeling nervous or is new to non-surgical enhancements”
– Mary-Anne Smith

When you come to our clinic, we will always treat you with respect because we understand that it’s your face and your decision. If you feel that Cosmetier might be the right place for you to start your facial aesthetic journey, book a video consultation with Dr. Sharma today.