Case Study: Natural, Subtle Restoration of the Facial Profile and the Neck using Dermal Fillers and Profhilo®

Lindsay first visited the clinic as she felt unhappy with her neck. She presented with loose, sagging skin which knocked her confidence. She had visited another clinic for a consultation where she had been advised to go with the Profhilo®  treatment in her neck. 

Fortunately, Lindsay booked a free video consultation with Dr Sharma for a second opinion. Dr Sharma listened to her concerns about her neck but also assessed Lindsay’s entire facial profile. She looked at her midface, lower face including her jawline, chin and her neck. She noted where the skin had aged and why the neck skin looked as it did. As well as asking her specifically what concerned her about her neck, she also asked Lindsay whether she ever looked in the mirror and thought she looked tired. To which Lindsay replied that she was bothered by this and actually disliked looking in the mirror or having her photo taken but she had started to just focus on her neck over time because she didn’t think anything could be done about looking tired.

The facial profile and skin assessment revealed that Lindsay looked tired because she had lost volume in the mid-face. Dr Sharma explained that in youth not only do we have more collagen  and elastin to keep our skin tight, but we also have more bone, tighter muscles and discrete fat pads which support the skin and give our face its youthful curvature. Having a well supported midface supports and ‘pulls up’ the lower face and neck.

Lindsay had lost some of this vital support in her midface and lower face which meant that the skin of her neck did not have the same support and therefore, tightness that it would have had when she was younger. In addition, she had developed jowls and a nasolabial fold because as with most people, these two fat pads get bigger with age, making them more obvious.

Following this explanation, Dr Sharma advised Lindsay that, whilst Profhilo®  is a brilliant treatment, using this alone would not address the skin laxity of the neck or the formation of the jowls. 

Firstly, she proposed addressing the volume loss in the midface using  dermal fillers made of a thick hyaluronic acid gel to provide support to the midface. She explained that this would be done using a cannula to strategically place the filler at different levels and points on the skin with the aim of keeping Lindsay’s profile natural, yet more youthful.

She then proposed using a collagen stimulation dermal filler such as Radiesse® to both support and define the lower jaw while stimulating Lindsay’s own collagen in this area. By doing this the skin of the neck would be supported. 

Finally, Profhilo®  would be placed in the neck using a cannula so as to stimulate tightening naturally as well by using the amazing properties of Profhilo®  which is very effective at skin tightening and helping the quality of the skin.

Looking at the before and after images of Lindsay’s treatment, you can see that she has gained definition in her jaw. Her neck has also been pulled up, therefore appearing a lot smoother than previously. The before image here was taken in April 2021, the after in November 2021.


Our aim at Cosmetier is to use the correct product in the quantity your skin needs to get the best results, so that you can see a difference but no one else knows that you are getting treatments. This is how we keep you looking natural and radiant. Because of this, we may not necessarily start with the area you feel most unhappy with, treating elsewhere could have an indirect effect but result in longer-lasting, natural results. We work at your pace, keeping you informed at every step of your journey with us. 

Lindsay’s skin now looks revitalized, but still looks like herself. Subtle changes with tweaks with the right products at the right place so that the skin is more supported and the jaw is defined improves the look of the skin on her neck. Lindsay is now getting a further course of Profhilo® treatment on her neck to further tighten the skin. 

Dr Sharma has given me some brilliant advice and I’m very happy with the improvements in my skin. Initially I was most concerned about my neck but have had other areas treated as well on her advice and see a big improvement. Dr Sharma is professional throughout and treatments virtually painless!”

Overall, Lindsay looks rested and more youthful but nobody would be able to say what treatment she has had. Book a free video consultation with Dr Sharma to start your journey to looking refreshed and feeling confident in your skin.