Dermal Fillers Aftercare

Having had your dermal fillers or lip fillers here at Cosmetier skin clinic, near Dunstable, you’ll no doubt want to find out how to prolong your results – and look after your skin in the process.

The good news is, aftercare for dermal fillers is simple, effective and shouldn’t impact on your day-to-day life. An aesthetic treatment that’s known for having relatively little downtime, there are just a few small things to bear in mind to get the big results you deserve.

Straight after treatment

Some of our clients experience some slight swelling where they’ve had injections – whether they’ve had dermal fillers for their face or lip fillers for their smile. You can help treat any signs of swelling with a cold compress, which gives soothing relief to the injected areas.

Other things to note following dermal filler treatment are that make-up should be avoided for the rest of the day, alcohol and exercise for at least 24 hours, and any ‘heat’ treatments (eg. saunas) for a couple of weeks.

Maintaining your results

There are three main ways to help boost your results after you’ve had dermal fillers. First of all, keeping hydrated is essential. Skin that is dehydrated can appear physically dry and ageing. Secondly, moisturising your skin through a good skincare routine can help boost the results of your dermal fillers – and the fillers themselves are known for their hydrating, nourishing properties. Thirdly, incorporating sun care into your skin care can help protect your skin against signs of ageing in the future.

Other top tips

There’s so much more you can do to help you and your skin, including:

  • Eating well – helping boost the essential nutrients and vitamins needed for healthy skin
  • Exercising often – this has been linked to improving skin tone and appearance
  • Cutting down on smoking & alcohol – both of these are thought to negatively affect your skin, for example delaying the healing process or causing skin to dry out

Treatment with Cosmetier

Whether you’re interested in dermal fillers and lip fillers, or want some suggestions about what could help improve the look and feel of your skin, we can help here at our skin clinic near Dunstable.

We offer a range of skin treatments that can help transform your appearance and boost your confidence, and will always make tailored recommendations based on you, your skin and your lifestyle.

To book in with our skin clinic here near Dunstable, simply visit our contact page and fill in your details, and we’ll be in touch.