Dermal fillers: non-surgical facial contouring

Non-surgical methods for improving one’s appearance have risen in popularity. This is largely due to their short recovery time, as well as the safety of modern procedures. Traditionally, dermal fillers have been used to reduce the effects of ageing by smoothing wrinkles or enhancing the lips by making them fuller and adding definition. However, a trend is growing for using dermal fillers in a new way: contouring to improve the overall symmetry and appearance of the face.

If you’re still wondering how non-surgical facial contouring might be ideal for you then join Cosmetier as we explain the procedure and potential results!

What is the procedure like?

Dermal fillers are applied via injections; therefore, it is important to numb the area that will be injected in order to facilitate the most comfortable procedure. This numbing agent will usually be a topical cream. Once the area is numbed, the medical professional will proceed to inject the filler under the skin of the desired areas. The primary areas for focus during facial contouring are the cheekbones, jaw, and chin.

  1. When adding filler to the cheeks, emphasis is placed on the highest point of the cheekbone, lifting the face and achieving a contoured cheekbone.
  2. Jaw filler is placed along the natural jawbone to add volume, which in turn enhances the jawline, further increasing facial contour.
  3. Chin filler is added to fine-tune facial symmetry. The addition of chin filler creates a perfect point, drawing you into the centre of the face and creating a clear, symmetrical, line from the jaw to the chin.

Pain during the procedure is minor and complications are rare when the procedure is performed by a professional. Pain can be further minimised by applying a local anaesthetic – the fillers themselves also contain a small amount of this!

The facial contouring process takes around 45 minutes per session to complete. These 45 minutes will usually include applying local anaesthetic, the actual injections, pictures, and a debrief explaining the aftercare process.

How long do the results last for?

The filler provided by Cosmetier is not permanent, as this often incurs many complications. At Cosmetier we use Hyaluronic acid-based filler. This is a naturally occurring substance, which will dissolve overtime and be absorbed by the body. We use this variation of filler because it is much safer and also gives you the option of dissolving the filler and adding to it further down the line if desired. The life span of the filler differs from patient to patient, but as a guideline, we say they last around 12-15 months.

At Cosmetier we are dedicated to assisting you in getting the cosmetic results you desire. If you are ready to start your dermal filler journey, please contact us today – we’re excited to hear from you!