Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – True or false?

Anti-wrinkle treatment is a popular topic of conversation. With around 100,000 anti-wrinkle treatment injections carried out each year in the UK alone, it’s important that the facts and myths surrounding this treatment are addressed. Read below, where we at Cosmetier use our skills and expertise to confront some of these issues that revolve around dermal fillers.

What is Anti-wrinkle treatment?

Anti-wrinkle treatment is a treatment, administered via injection, which blocks signals between the nerves and muscles. The result is that the injected muscle can no longer contract as forcefully, causing the wrinkles to soften and providing the face with a more relaxed and pleasant appearance. After treatment wrinkles will look smoother or even disappear, leaving you with a significantly more youthful look. This much is true, but read on to discover our verdict on some of the claims surrounding anti-wrinkle treatment, such as dermal fillers, that are more open to debate.

‘anti-wrinkle treatment is effective in targeting ageing’

Yes, this is true. Creases, lines and wrinkles are a natural part of the process of ageing, but this is not the only reason they might appear. They can be caused by sun damage as well as the action of laughing, talking, frowning and crying. Anti-wrinkle treatments like botox and dermal fillers can be very effective for anti-ageing, as it can target deep wrinkles leaving you feeling much more confident in your appearance.

‘It’s a very painful procedure’

This is in fact false. Any injection can hurt, but the anti-wrinkle treatment procedure is short and uses very small needles, meaning the pain is usually minimal. If necessary, topical aesthetic creams can also be offered to minimise discomfort. Once treatment is completed you will begin to notice a difference to your appearance in 2-3 days. 

‘I can be given anti-wrinkle treatment by anyone’

This is by no means true. anti-wrinkle treatments should only be performed by a professional. They should also be registered as proof that they meet the set standards in training, skill and insurance. At Cosmetier we always ensure that you are treated by a appropriately qualified health professional relevant to the procedure being undertaken. We can also promise you will be treated in a clean, clinical environment, where safety and infection control are of great importance.

‘Is anti-wrinkle treatment is definitely the treatment for me?’

We appreciate that everyone is different, and this is why addressing our patients’ concerns and expectations is a top priority of ours. We also ensure that our knowledge is kept up to date, enabling us to advise you on the best possible treatment. If you are in need of a fresher appearance then anti-wrinkle treatment could be the perfect treatment for you.

At Cosmetier, our aim is to provide subtle and natural treatments that make you feel confident. If you would like any further information on anti-wrinkle treatments or would perhaps like a consultation then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cosmetier, in Toddington, where we would be more than happy to help you begin your journey with anti-wrinkle treatment.