Do dermal fillers make everyone look the same?

Current trends amongst celebrities, across social media (don’t get us started on Instagram story filters), and TV reality shows all seem to suggest a ‘one size fits all’ approach to facial aesthetics. But do you really want to look like everyone else?

Here at Cosmetier, we celebrate your uniqueness. We’re passionate about the fact that everyone has their own beauty and we want to keep you looking like you.

One size does not fit all

It was once big ‘trout pout’ lips that were all the rage but this is now somewhat dying down and big cheeks and a contoured jawline are everyone’s go-to treatment. The problem with this is it often ends in way too much dermal filler being used in your face, resulting in a fake, clone-like appearance.


Many inexperienced practitioners might happily agree to make you look like Kylie Jenner but this is not good practice nor is it going to help you feel better about your appearance. 

To make sure you’re getting the best results that will leave you happy and confident, you need to visit a qualified, experienced and honest practitioner, like Dr Sharma here at Cosmetier, who will take a holistic and gradual approach to keep you looking natural. We use different dermal fillers and place them where you need them so that you look more awake and the ‘best for your age’.

Your individual mould

Whilst the results are the focus of your treatment journey, your experience must be enjoyable. You may be unhappy with something in your appearance and we make sure to work with you, not on you, in fixing this. We believe in educating you and giving you all your available options before undertaking any treatment. 

Everyone’s skin experiences ageing differently and will need different amounts of filler placed in different areas to help them look youthful and refreshed.

At your consultation, Dr Sharma will assess your facial profile and how your skin has aged with time to give you an idea of how much treatment will be needed to achieve a natural result. Filler is only ever placed where you’ve lost volume and used to support your individual structure so you’ll always look like yourself.

We believe that successful treatment is a balance between you looking refreshed and being able to see a subtle difference but without anyone else detecting that you have had any treatments. Your friends and family should only comment on how ‘well’ you look.

Book a free consultation with Dr Sharma to start your journey to being happy in your skin.