Everything You Need To Know About Tear Trough Fillers

What is a Tear Trough Filler?

Tear trough fillers are typically used to plump, firm and reduce the look of hollows under your eyes to give you a refreshed, glowing appearance.This particular area can be quite sensitive and therefore requires a filler which is;

  • Light consistency for minimal pressure on tissues.
  • Low Hygroscopy for minimal swelling and reliable correction.
  • Good spreadability to fill the cavity without irregularities.

Here at Cosmetier we use Teoxane Redensity 2, which we can proudly say obtains all these features and is FDA approved. This hyaluronic acid injectable has been specifically formulated for the delicate under eye area. The treatment consists of a combination of non-cross linked and cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, supplemented with amino acids (building blocks for collagen and elastin) to help your skin’s health and radiance.

What other fillers compliment Tear Trough Fillers?

Often when looking for treatment to firm and plump your under eye area it may be recommended to restore volume in the mid face with cheek fillers as well, which ultimately will help the whole area around your eye to look refreshed.

You may find that you need cheek filler before or alongside the tear trough filler. The reason for this is that the cheek area in your face has fat pads which support the skin under the eye. As you age it is completely natural for most of the fat pads in your face to start shrinking, leaving the under eye area less supported. In addition, as the skin also loses its tightness and plumpness in that area, you may notice eyebags appearing or that the junction where your cheek meets your lower eyelid has dropped causing you to look tired.

Placing cheek filler strategically helps support this mid-face area so that the lid-cheek junction shortens ( ie your under eye area is lifted) sometimes, completely correcting the under-eye hollowing.

An added benefit of placing filler in the mid face is also that it can soften the nasolabial folds and take the weight off your lower face. 

At Cosmetier we treat every case uniquely and are guided by the result that gives you confidence. We will assess and talk through whether you would benefit from just the tear trough filler or whether you need further support from the product in your midface.

Furthermore, because we like our patients to be involved in the treatment process and we work at their pace, we can also do one treatment first and then reassess and add more if needed. Often patients find that when we have completed the cheek filler, then there will be less tear trough filler needed, if at all. This is because the whole area has been plumped up and the eyes already look brighter and more refreshed. 

Are Tear Trough Fillers safe? 

All fillers have their complications and side effects. With treating the area around the eyes, the complication of swelling and bruising is present because of the nature of where we are placing the filler and the particular materials.

At Cosmetier we mitigate the risk by using a cannula. In our opinion cannulas typically pose less risk in this particular area as this instrument is blunt and the size of cannula (25G) used is unlikely to puncture blood vessels and hence, cause less trauma than a needle. As the tear trough area is so sensitive, placing the filler in small increments with minimal pressure and injecting deep under the skin with a single entry point also reduces the risk of complications.

Want to find out more and whether it is right for you?

At Cosmetier your Dermal Filler journey starts with a video consultation which allows you to meet Dr. Rachna Sharma and talk about what you see when looking in the mirror, all from the comfort of your own home. This non-obligatory consultation lets Dr. Sharma explain what is happening under your skin, how your facial profile is changing with age and how the treatments can help you look refreshed. 

Following the video consultation, we would book you in for your treatment as long as you felt you had all the information to make an informed choice. At this treatment appointment your skin and facial profile will be fully assessed and discussed with you to make sure the PERFECT treatment and filler was used for you. 

At Cosmetier it is absolutely crucial for us that you understand why we are advising certain treatments and what outcome you can realistically expect. Our main aim is to help you look refreshed and natural. All our filler treatments aim to restore balance so that you feel confident. 

Book your free video consultation today.

Who is the perfect candidate for Tear Trough Fillers? 

Patients who benefit from tear trough fillers are those who suffer with hollowing under the eyes due to volume loss. Sagging under the eyes can create an aged and tired look causing a lack of self confidence and esteem. If you look in the mirror and see a tired face, especially in the under eye area then it is likely that you could benefit from some filler treatment either in the mid face, as discussed above, or directly in the hollowing under your eye.

When deciding on having dermal filler in this area, it’s important to remember that the filler itself addresses the shadows ( volume loss) under the eyes rather than dark circles under the eyes. Therefore, some patients may be recommended to use a combination approach to really understand and reduce the dark appearance in this area of their face. 

Dark circles can be caused by stress, a lack of sleep or hydration, be genetic or there may be an underlying systemic condition which needs to be explored. The tear trough filler uses its combination of  hyaluronic acid and amino acids to plump up and smooth out the area around your eyes and the orbital bone. In doing this, it can reduce the dark circles but it may not eliminate them depending on their severity.

What are the benefits of Tear Trough Fillers? 

Tear trough fillers are a subtle way to reduce the look of hollows beneath the eyes. They rejuvenate tired eyes by adding volume and lifting the skin.

The hyaluronic acid filler plumps and restores volume in the under eye area while the amino acids boost the collagen production in your face, ultimately improving overall skin quality. It helps you look refreshed and more youthful.

The treatment is also completed relatively quickly with instant results. Requiring minimal down time and the ability to get straight back to work.

How long does Tear Trough Fillers last? 

Most patients find the filler lasts around 12 months, although some enjoy the benefits for a bit longer. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body and is broken down and balanced by an enzyme known as hyaluronidase. This means that generally tear trough fillers, like all fillers, are naturally broken down over time causing little disruption with no need for surgery to remove them, only little top ups to keep you looking glowing and refreshed.

What are the side effects and how long is the recovery period? 

There is no real downtime with this filler. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body so it is usually very well tolerated in the face. The common side effects are a little bruising or swelling, however here at Cosmetier we do everything we can to reduce that risk for you. If there is any bruising it usually resolves within a couple of days and can be concealed with make-up.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to give us a call or book a non-obligatory video consultation and get your journey started to achieving refreshed, glowing skin.