How Aesthetic Treatments can support your Mental Health

Many people have a stereotype of individuals who desire aesthetic treatments however never dive deep into the reasons why. This blog is to discuss how numerous medical studies over the years strongly agree that there is a link between undergoing cosmetic treatments and improved psychological well-being and mental health.

The benefits of aesthetic treatments go far beyond enhancing and rejuvenating your natural and youthful beauty. Among the scientifically proven health benefits of aesthetic treatments is a marked improvement in mental health.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The changing of seasons doesn’t just affect the weather. In previous blogs, we have gone into detail about how seasonal changes affect our bodies, for example, our skin. However another huge aspect of our lives it takes its toll on is our mental frame of mind.

There are so many lovely elements of autumn, however, as we adjust to shorter days, changing day-to-day routines and colder temperatures. It is a lot for our bodies and mental health to deal with.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that is typically caused by seasonal changes. The episodes of depression usually occur in the autumn and winter months as the days become shorter and darker. Typically as the hours of daylight shorten, the main symptoms of this depression are sleeping more and becoming less active than normal. 

It hasn’t been scientifically proven to have an exact cause however there are many arguments to link this type of depression with reduced exposure to sunlight.

Light therapy is the most popular method for treating SAD. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, other methods of treatment are talking therapies or prescribed antidepressants. 

It is important to remember aesthetic procedures aren’t a method for treating SAD, however, it is backed by professionals that treatments such as anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers and facials can reduce symptoms of depression. This is because your physical appearance and emotional experiences are related. Your outside demeanor isn’t just a representation of your inner world but also influences it. When insecurities in an individual’s appearance are addressed, it has been proven to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. As we look happier, we feel happier.


We understand menopause can affect women in many different ways, large or small. Aesthetic treatment’s main aim is to help women feel the best version of themselves.

We want to help you look natural, feel confident and be proud of your beautiful, healthy skin, whatever stage of life you are at.

Read more about menopause and aesthetic treatments here at Cosmetier in our more in detail blog!

Aesthetic Treatments Boost Happiness And Enhance Confidence

Confident and Positive Mental Health

Cosmetic treatments are undoubtedly a controversial topic with most people having their own views and opinions. However, if a treatment is able to reduce insecurities, improve self-esteem, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression then surely this can only be positive?

How we view ourselves physically greatly impacts our thoughts and feelings.

Aesthetic treatment will soften undesirable aspects of our physical appearance while helping to reduce any negative thoughts you may have towards yourself. Ultimately encouraging you to love what you see in the mirror and feel more confident. Often, for most people it feels empowering to start the journey to addressing what has been bothering them for a while. The fact that they are taking steps to help themselves can be enough to make them feel better.

Feeling good about yourself and a boosted self-esteem helps with motivation and activity in social situations, it can also help people to feel more motivated and active in day-to-day activities and work. 

When you feel more attractive it has been scientifically proven to also make you happier. When your skin looks refreshed, your complexion more radiant, your jawline more defined and your wrinkles less obvious, you will love what you see in the mirror and will feel fantastic too.

As people typically seek aesthetic treatments to feel better about their appearance, we here at Cosmetier work extremely hard to make sure all our clients have successful treatments that lead to their desired appearance, enhanced self-esteem, mood, and social confidence.

Why Choose Cosmetier?

Here at Cosmetier, Dr Rachna Sharma, takes care to actively listen and understand exactly what concerns you making sure we deliver excellence through every stage of your aesthetic journey. We make a promise to always put your mental health and wellbeing first. 

We build trust by really understanding your concerns and needs as well as providing as much information about our treatments and products in order to empower you to make informed choices throughout the entire journey. 

When you come to our clinic, we will always treat you with respect because we understand that it’s your face and your decision. If you feel that Cosmetier might be the right place for you to start your facial aesthetic journey, book a video consultation with Dr. Sharma today.