How Do We Price Dermal Fillers?

Here at Cosmetier we take great care in providing a service to cater to every individual’s needs. Every facial structure is different, and therefore everyone’s desired appearance will be different as well. Prices are calculated after a full facial structure and skin analysis has been taken out on our patient’s face. The recommended amount and placement of dermal fillers will be provided to every patient before they make a decision on the treatment. 

How do we access our patients’ facial profile and price dermal fillers?

The first place we would assess is the mid face (cheek bone area). The midface is the main support structure and therefore the perfect place to start, this allows us to assess what type of impact the product is going to have on your facial profile. 

Dr. Sharma will identify where there has been facial volume loss: shadows at the lid-cheek junction, flattened midface, temporal shadowing or a small/receding chin, jowl formation. A clear and detailed plan of where the product will be placed and the end goals of the treatment will then be provided so all our clients have all the information they need to make the right decision for them.


How much support do you already have in your face?

There are ways in which you can identify where you have lost volume and support in your face. During the video consultation, Dr Sharma will actually go through this with you so you can see and feel what she is assessing.

When you touch your cheekbones, do you feel any cushioning?

If you don’t and it feels very bony, the likelihood is that you have more advanced volume loss which will require more filler to restore some balance to your face. If you do feel cushioning on your cheeks, less filler will be needed for your starter dose.

When you gently pull the skin up at the cheek bones, does this improve the jowl or ‘sad smile’ area?

If it does, it is likely that you will benefit and indeed need some volume replacement in the mid face before we would treat the lower face or the marionette area.

How tight is your skin?

The less tight it is, the more products you are likely to need to make a difference.

How old are you?

If you are in your 30s/40s, it is likely you will only require a starting refresher dose to give a subtle lift to your facial profile. However if you are 50s/60s you may need a little bit more filler to restore that balance and to help your lower face too. 

Although age is a big factor when deciding on dermal fillers, we understand everyone ages differently and at different speeds. Someone who is  45 years old may need more product than someone in their 60 s because their lifestyle and genetics have caused greater volume loss. Our aesthetic treatments aim to restore natural balance, create a refreshed and youthful appearance and boost your confidence and glow no matter what your age!

Face Shape and Dermal Fillers

Knowledge of basic face structures and shapes leads to a much better understanding of the concept of balance in your face and how dermal fillers work.

Facial type assessment is, in many aspects, crucial for the planning of dermal fillers treatment. There are many different facial shapes that have been proposed over the years and filler would be strategically placed depending on that factor. We are mindful that male and female facial profile is very different and therefore, place filler accordingly.

In youth, we tend to have a wider mid face and narrow chin with tight skin. With time this shape changes such that you notice skin descends and the lower face becomes wider. You may notice that the facial profile is more square or inverted triangle where the lower face is wider than the mid face.

Our dermal filler treatments are designed to support the skin up and back, restoring a youthful facial profile.

We start our prices at £400 but we invite every patient to book a free consultation to talk through the treatment, their personal end goals and prices before starting their dermal fillers journey.