How To Prolong Your Lip Fillers

You’ve got a beautifully enhanced smile-now how do you keep it that way? In this post, our aesthetic experts, based here at our skin clinic near Dunstable, highlight the top ways to prolong your lip filler results, so you can enjoy gorgeously plump, gorgeously shaped lips for even longer.

1. Hydrate daily

Lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid, well-known in the beauty industry for its ability to moisturise and hydrate. It follows, then, that keeping your lips wonderfully moist will help prolong results. Our skin doctors recommend using a lotion or balm twice a day, and ensure you drink plenty of water, too. Be warned – licking your lips can actually dry them out!

2. Protect daily

Sun protection is an absolute must when it comes to any area of skin, not least because UV rays from the sun are the leading cause of skin ageing. Our skin doctors also caution that UV light might serve to break down your fillers, too. Many lip products nowadays contain an SPF (sun protection factor), which can give your sensitive lips some added protection while out and about.

3. Keep calm and carry on

Stress is everyone’s worst nightmare, and it’s even true for your skin. In fact, it can even break down your lip fillers. Our top tips? Take regular breaks while working; practise yoga or other relaxing activities; try meditation; and ensure you have the optimum work-life balance.

4. Rest easy

It might be easier said than done, but when it comes to lip fillers, you should try to avoid putting too much pressure on your treated areas, which could affect your results. Everyday movement is fine, but of course, things like sleeping position could affect the lifespan of your lip filler.

5. Get ready to repeat

Fillers are, sadly, not permanent. Over time, your body will break down the ingredients and either pass them or absorb them safely. This in turn means that you’ll gradually see your results fade. Keep on top of them with regular treatments at our skin clinic near Dunstable, and in the long run, you may be able to go longer between sessions.

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