Is Profhilo and dermal filler the same treatment?

There are some similarities between Profhilo and dermal fillers, though the two treatments differ quite a bit in results and their modes of action within the skin. While they are both used beneath the surface of the skin to alter its appearance, they are two very different treatments used for very different reasons…

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is an injectable treatment that offers overall hydration and skin improvement for the whole face. The injections use pure stabilised hyaluronic acid which, after being injected into the immediate treatment area, spreads through the skin to aid moisture levels and improve skin cell turnover. It forms a water-binding layer beneath the skin to provide all-over facial rejuvenation that simply improves the skin’s quality and appearance. This is why it has been affectionately referred to as an injectable moisturiser, or injectable skincare.

How is this different to dermal filler?

These two injectable treatments may seem similar because they both use hyaluronic acid, but they offer varying amounts of this skin substance. Dermal filler is only part hyaluronic acid, while Profhilo is almost entirely made from it. Their results also differ in that Profhilo focuses on improving your skin’s overall quality and appearance, and dermal filler enhances one specific treatment area. When dermal filler is injected it typically stays where it has been placed, making it the ideal buildable treatment for enhancing the lips and cheeks. Profhilo doesn’t stay in one place but migrates to the surrounding areas, improving the skin’s appearance but not restructuring it or augmenting facial features in any way. The treatment helps to retain moisture levels in the skin while boosting the production of collagen and elastin to aid skin laxity and texture from within.

How do I choose my treatment?

Choosing your treatment depends on the results you’d like to see and the concerns you’d like to address. If you have lost volume in a specific area and would like to see a more noticeable rejuvenation, then dermal fillers may be the best option for you. Because they alter the appearance of the specific facial features and areas they’re injected in, they can perform successful augmentation. If you are noticing that your thinning skin could do with an overall boost in its quality, glow, and laxity (by this we mean its elasticity and ability to bounce back), then Profhilo may be the best option for you.

Profhilo vs. moisturisers and creams

A lot of high-street skincare companies use collagen in their products to seemingly improve the volume and bounce in your skin. Collagen is the skin protein responsible for bounce, laxity, and volume in your skin, and it is also a very large molecule. Collagen molecules in topical products are often too big to truly penetrate the top layer of skin and therefore aren’t reaching the necessary depths to really remodel an ageing and tired complexion. Similarly, hyaluronic acid is also used a sort of skincare buzz word in topical products. Hyaluronic acid is capable of holding over 1,000 time sits own weight in water to aid hydration, but their molecular weight often neglected by topical skincare products and can’t be absorbed to the deeper layers of skin. Topical products don’t have the same penetration that injectable treatments like Profhilo offer, and therefore can’t exact the long-term effective changes that Profhilo can. Profhilo hydrates the deeper layers of skin to improve both its cosmetic appearance and internal health, while topical moisturisers sit on the surface of the skin and fail to penetrate.

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