The Benefits of Profhilo

Cosmetic treatments have been through a lot of technological advancements in recent years. In the beginning, there was surgery. Surgery provided effective rejuvenations, but there were a lot of side effects. Any procedure that requires general anaesthetic carries a significant risk to your health and the fact that you’d be left with permanent scarring afterwards, made surgical procedures less appealing. Next came the non-invasive treatments, which carried fewer health risks and minimal downtime. The most popular of these were anti-wrinkle injections and facial fillers. We here at Cosmetier are very pleased to be at the forefront of the third revolution in turning back the clock on our appearances. Profhilo is an injectable and just like dermal fillers it contains a particular concentration of hyaluronic acid. However, as well as providing you with a more youthful skin volume, it also boosts collagen production to allow for a continued rejuvenation.


How does Profhilo work?

Collagen is the key ingredient of youthful skin, but the levels we produce decrease significantly in our late 20s. By stimulating collagen production once again, Profhilo not only fills out the parts of the face that have thinned with age; under the eyes, the temples, and the cheeks, but also sends a message to your body’s repair system, alerting it to ‘damaged’ skin that need to be replaced with fresher, younger skin tissue. So the results are staggered and two-fold. With each passing day, you’ll look even more refreshed, until the results begin to wane and it’s time for you to book your top-up treatment.


In the same way that fillers remove deep wrinkles on the lower part of the face, such as the marionette lines that run from the corners of the mouth to the chin and nasolabial lines, which run from the nose to the corners of the mouth, Profhilo can give you a smoother, less wrinkled skin contour. Unlike fillers, the results keep improving until they peak. Profhilo improves your overall and universal skin quality and texture, rejuvenating it naturally from the inside-out rather than simply enhancing one targeted facial feature.


Profhilo in Toddington

If you’ve used dermal fillers before and you want to discover what makes Profhilo a superior product, as well as how the results will differ, we can explain it in terms of where we’ll administer it to your face and how significantly advanced the results are likely to be. It’s exciting being at the cutting edge of safe non-invasive cosmetic techniques.


The treatment is very safe, simply because hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally occurs in the body. This means you’re extremely unlikely to have an allergic reaction to it. If you’d like to fully understand the potential of the Profhilo treatment provided by our experienced practitioners here at Cosmetier, please get in touch with our reception team to book your initial consultation. We’ll be able to advise you of the extent of the rejuvenation you can expect with Profhilo, based on the unique way in which your skin is maturing.