Safe Aesthetic Treatments in an unregulated industry

It is somewhat well known that the aesthetics industry is unregulated, a fact we cannot believe! However, fortunately, with aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers becoming increasingly popular and more widely available, this will likely change towards the end of the year with the UK Government being urged to review the industry regulations, particularly after a recent BBC documentary aired on the issue.

Despite the lack of regulation, here at Cosmetier, we firmly believe that the best and only way to treat our patients is as any regulated medical (or dental) setting would to ensure the utmost safety and care.

Avoiding the dangers of an unlicensed practitioner

Injectable treatments are a safe option, especially compared to their surgical alternative, when performed by a qualified, medical practitioner. Visiting an untrained, unqualified practitioner greatly increases your risk of infection, complications and side effects as it is unlikely the treatment will be administered properly and safely.

When choosing an aesthetic practitioner there are some key factors to consider:

  • What are their qualifications? Anti-wrinkle injections are only available through a prescription, however, dermal fillers can technically be administered by anyone. Make sure to ask your practitioner about their experience and certifications before committing to any treatment.
  • Always request a consultation before committing to any treatment. This should not only allow you to make a fully informed decision as to whether it is something you want to go ahead with, but it will also give you a good idea of your practitioners knowledge and experience. We always make sure to offer free, no-obligation consultations before any treatment here at Cosmetier.
  • Take your time. After an initial consultation, take a few days to think about the treatment options you have been recommended, especially if it is your first treatment! 
  • Is there additional support available to you? No good practitioner will offer a treatment without some form of ongoing support and aftercare advice. Side effects such as redness and swelling are common in injectable treatments but we are always here to answer any questions and reassure you. We also make sure to offer a check-in appointment two weeks after your treatment.

How we keep you safe

Dr Sharma, lead aesthetics doctor and founder here at Cosmetier has completed a Masters (MSc) specifically in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics and is regulated by the General Dental Council. She is also a member of the Royal College of Surgeons (Eng) and the British College of Aesthetic Medicine.


All these organisations required Dr Sharma to demonstrate, in detail, that our clinic treatments and practice are safe and that our patients are fully informed about what treatment options are available to them so that they can make informed decisions. The same way as when you go to have a medical procedure. Dr Sharma had to pass assessments specific to each of these organisations to prove to them that she is an expert.

All aestheticians at Cosmetier undertake regular training in the use and administration of all products and treatments offered in the clinic to ensure best practice and leading knowledge in the industry. 

With all the knowledge and explanations we share with our patients, they are then equipped to make the best decisions for their health and an informed choice.

Save Face Accredited

Save Face is a Professional Standards Authority accredited register and is recognised by the Government, The Department of Health and NHS England.

We’re excited to announce that Dr Sharma has been accredited as a Save Face Practitioner. 

This means that she has been independently assessed against a robust set of standards in order to be certified as Save Face Accredited. For this trusted accreditation, Dr Sharma had to demonstrate all the points in the patient charter below.


If you’re considering any aesthetic treatments, book a free, no-obligation consultation with Dr Sharma here for experienced and safe guidance, advice and treatments.