Surprising Uses For Dermal Fillers

Here at Cosmetier skin clinic, based near Dunstable, dermal fillers remain one of the top treatments among our clients. But just what can you expect from them, and what can the treatment be used for? In our latest post, we cover some surprising uses for this common beauty treatment.

Non-surgical facelift

If you’re the type who either doesn’t want surgery, or wants to get an idea of how surgery could look before taking the plunge, dermal fillers could help by way of a non-surgical facelift. They can actually help give you the look of a facelift by targeting sagging areas of skin, such as the jowls, to give skin a tighter appearance.

 Non-surgical nose job

When thinking about dermal fillers, ‘nose job’ doesn’t automatically spring to mind. But as a non-invasive procedure, having dermal fillers injected into your nose could give you similar, albeit non-permanent, results – with low pain and minimal downtime. Here are some problems you may look to treat:

Crooked nose – if your nose doesn’t follow a straight line, dermal fillers could help balance out its shape.
Protrusions – whether bumpy or notched, dermal fillers can fill in the gaps and ceate a smoother appearance.
Under and over projection – if the tip of the nose points up or down, dermal fillers can be used to even out the appearance.

In addition to the above, you could actually create a slimmer-looking nose by ‘building’ the height of the nose in other areas.

Reshaping and sculpting

As well as filling in wrinkles, dermal fillers can sculpt, contour and reshape many areas of the face – for example, the chin or the cheeks. This can help balance out your features and give your skin a smoother appearance.

Rejuvenating the hands

As we age, our skin ages, too – so instead of having that elasticity and ‘bounce back’, it becomes saggy and loose and the bones can become more visible. One place where this is particularly noticeable is in the hands. Dermal fillers can help restore lost volume, with a plumping, smoothing appearance.

Booking in with us…

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