The Magic of Alumier Skincare

Everyone has their own concerns about their skin. And achieving that perfectly clear, imperfection-free skin doesn’t come easy, especially with the wide range of skincare offered whether over-the-counter or medical-grade. 

It’s easy to look at your skin and self-diagnose from face value your skin type; dry, oily, normal or a combination. It’s also easy to acknowledge in the mirror if you suffer from acne, blemishes or blackheads, but the problem is people jump to Dr Google to search for treatment without discovering what is going on below the surface of their skin. 

You wouldn’t trust google to diagnose symptoms when you have any health concerns, so why treat your skin any differently? It is still your body, right? 

Therefore it is vital to speak to a professional who not only has expert knowledge of the ageing process, of skin types and conditions but most importantly really cares about you and your skin. The first step to achieving the best possible results for your skin is for the clinician to take time and really understand what is going on with you, your skin and your lifestyle. This allows the correct diagnosis to be made and from there, you can be advised of the best skincare and treatments for you. Booking a skin consultation with an expert has a proven track record of positive outcomes for all patients because everyone is so unique.

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 Here at Cosmetier, we can promise to provide all the knowledge and expertise you need to make the right decision for you and your skin. All is provided by our expert aesthetic doctor, Rachna Sharma. 

Professionals such as Dr Rachna don’t only recommend and sell medical-grade skincare but also incorporate a wider portfolio when treating your skin effectively, including chemical peels, HydraFacials and injectables to name a few. The main reason is to prevent aging, enhance your results and maintain healthier, more youthful skin for the long term. All these treatments can also bring different benefits to your skincare, physical appearance and overall general health. No matter whether you are starting your medical skincare journey with us or having more advanced treatments, at Cosmetier we like to ‘hand hold’ and support you every step of the way so you always feel empowered and in charge of your skin health.

Now back to your Skincare Routine!

Cosmetier works closely with Alumier, we believe treating your skin with Alumier offers active ingredients at therapeutic doses strategically formulated to address particular skin concerns. Whether you want to prevent or combat ageing, reduce pigmentation, address sensitivity or redness or just want to maintain healthy radiant vibrant skin, there is a targeted serum or collection for your skin type. Alumier is a clinician-dispensed, clean science-based product with no parabens, sulfates, minerals or dyes and is backed by science to focus on correction and prevention progressively. 

Alumier is only available from clinics and establishments that operate under the medical direction. This is because their ingredients have a punch! They use a high concentration of active ingredients with the purpose of treating specific skin conditions and concerns and are given under precise expert instruction.

Although Alumier products may seem as though they come at an extra cost, the fact that these are medical grade level means you require much less product to achieve your desired skin results than over-the-counter products. Costs you significantly less in the long run yet very importantly ensures that you can see and feel changes in your skin.

Alumier Skincare Staples


A thorough cleanse of your skin every morning and evening is something everyone can agree on. Cleansing your face when you wake up helps to remove any toxins, dead skin cells and excess oils your skin has released overnight. In the evening it goes without saying your skin requires a cleanse, from makeup or just pollution in the air. 

Alumier recommends leaning towards a cream cleanser like Hydraboost if your skin is more on the dry side. HydraBoost is a hydrating pH-balanced cream cleanser with the staple ingredients vitamin E, sunflower oil and argan oil. All these ingredients are tested and proven to leave the skin smooth, soft and intensely hydrated.

If your skin is on the more oily side of the spectrum, a refreshing cleanser such as the Alumier purifying gel cleanser would be recommended. The plant-based surfactants gently cleanse the skin leaving it supple and smooth. For this cleanser, the key ingredients are chamomile, aloe and opuntia ficus-indica, all with the purpose of soothing and hydrating the skin as well as stripping back any unwanted oils, Ultimately leaving your skin feeling refreshed and comfortable.  

If your skin is sensitive or combination skin, then we would recommend Sensicalm Cleanser as this not only gently cleans your skin it is hydrating without being oily.

Target Serums

Treatments like exfoliators and serums depend on the issues and concerns individuals face with their skin.

Exfoliating is vital for breaking down pigmented cells and removing the build-up of dry skin. However, your skin type will determine the importance of prioritising exfoliating in your skincare routine. The right exfoliate for you is dependent on your skin type. Individuals who suffer from dry skin will be recommended to go with a gentle exfoliator to ensure they aren’t stripping their skin of all its natural oils as well as keeping it naturally hydrated. Whereas an oily skin type would be recommended to go with a more vigorous approach. 

Blemishes, redness, and dehydration are all issues that require different treatments however the symptoms can feel very similar. This is another reason to find out exactly what is going on behind the skin! All concerns and skin issues can be tackled with the right expert information and treatment and it has been proven and recommended by experts that it can be achieved with Alumier.


Moisturiser improves skin barrier repair, reduces the appearance of blemishes, fights wrinkles and overall reduces the chances of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Using the correct combination of serums in the correct sequence and then the correct moisturizer is vital to ensure that your skin stays youthful and healthier for longer.


The autumn months give the illusion that your sun cream can be put away, and that is most certainly not the case!

No matter the weather outside, UV rays will always be present and still damage skin cells causing wrinkles, discolouration, and uneven skin tone. It is no secret that sunscreen is the most protective barrier between radiant and youthful skin and the sun’s damaging rays, so join the Alumier SPF everyday club today.

Alumiers sunscreen is the first choice for us here at Cosmetier. They offer protection against UVA and UVB rays from the sun. UVA protects from ageing and UVB against sunburn. In addition, there are 6 AlumierMD SPFs to choose from. You may like a tinted SPF or one with a slight mineral to hide those blemishes. Whatever, your preference the AlumierMD range can help prevent your skin ageing.

Alumier Skincare with Cosmetier

Introducing Cosmetier and Alumier into your skincare routine brings a range of benefits. The main one from Cosmetier is the follow-up and aftercare, we offer to all our patients. Once you have started using your new Alumier products, we will arrange a call to touch base with you after around 2 weeks to see how you are and then again a month into your new routine.

Every 3 months thereafter we will continue to check in to see how you are feeling and how your skin is improving. We recognise the importance of holding your hand through the entire process and being able to offer our expert opinion at all times. Your skin changes over time meaning different products may need to be added or taken away from your routine as your skin needs it.

Begin your journey to better skin and a more self-confident you by booking a free consultation with Dr Rachna today.