Ways To Boost Your Smile

As a skin clinic treating clients in Dunstable, we work hard with our clients to create their perfect appearance. Whether it’s helping reduce wrinkles, giving their skin a refresh with a chemical peel or perfecting their pout with lip fillers, we have the skills and expertise needed for a youthful, natural look.

In this post, we’ll look at ways to enhance your smile, so you can go into the New Year full of confidence and ready to rock a brand new look.

1.Lip fillers

We’re the lip filler professionals, offering those in and around Dunstable a gorgeous pout they can’t do without. Long-lasting and low-risk, our clients love our lip fillers and trust us to do a subtle enhancement that’s noticeable, yet natural. We can add shape, definition and volume to your lips for a more balanced appearance, banishing thin lips in favour of a fuller look.

2.Dental treatments

While we’re a skin clinic known for our aesthetic treatments, it’s true that there are dental treatments that could help elevate your smile. After all, there’s no use improving your pout if your teeth let you down. Whitening and composite bonding are the biggest ones around, giving you brighter, more uniform teeth.

3.Diet shake-up

We are what we eat – so show lips some love with pout-boosting foods like walnuts and Omega-3 rich fish. Vitamin E is also an essential nutrient for good skin health, so if in doubt, talk to your doctor about suitable supplements.


Your overall skin needs a healthy glow – not just your lips! That’s where our expert chemical peels come in. These help ‘resurface’ the face, peeling away the older skin and helping improve the appearance of lines, scarring and pigmentation. Despite their scary name, chemical peels performed at the surface level are usually low-risk, and you’ll just need to show skin some TLC afterwards (namely sun protection).

5.Sleep and stress

There is such a thing as beauty sleep, so ensure you get the recommended 8 hours for adults. This can help settle stress (linked to signs of ageing) and give your body and skin the time it needs to self-repair.

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