Which Fillers For My Face?

Are you thinking of having fillers or injectables? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Cosmetier, your skin clinic near Dunstable, we’re highly experienced in a range of aesthetic treatments, including dermal fillers, lip fillers and botox injections.

But which is right for your face? Well, as we’re skin doctors, a consultation is always advised, but we can still give you a rough idea of what might work depending on which area you’re looking to treat.Read on to find out more…

Crow’s feet

These fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes form as a result of squinting, laughing, smiling and more. People are always drawn to your eyes, so it makes sense to make them look as fresh and youthful as possible. Your best bet for this area is botox injections, which will soften the lines and create a smoother appearance.

Lip lines

There are lots of different types of lip lines.You might have ones running from the corners to your chin (marionette), from the top lip to your nose (nasolabial) or lines that show when you pucker(smoker’s lines). In all of these cases, dermal fillers are recommended, as they are perfect for filling in those deep lines.

Loss of volume

Have you noticed your cheeks have taken on a more hollow appearance? Do you constantly have under-eye bags?Or have you developed jowls? Then dermal fillers are ideal. With hydrating hyaluronic acid, they sculpt and plump skin to restore volume loss and a youthful look.

Thin lips

Just about anyone can have thin lips–they’re not necessarily a sign of ageing. With lip fillers, you can sculpt, volumise and define your lips to create the perfect size and shape for your smile.

Forehead lines

These are horizontal lines, which run across your forehead, and may show permanently–not just when you raise your eyebrows or do other expressions.Botox injections are a good solution, as they help relax the muscles to make lines less obvious.

Brow lines

Sometimes called ‘the elevens’ these are the little marks between your eyebrows. One of the reasons we find botox injections so rejuvenating for the face is because certain lines and wrinkles can make you appear tired, or can seemingly ‘etch’ a particular expression on your face. They are recommended for this marks, too.

Booking your fillers

If you’re looking for a skin doctor near Dunstable, then look no further than Cosmetier. From botox injections to lip fillers and dermal fillers, we can help create a gorgeously refreshed complexion that takes years off your appearance and restores your confidence. Get in touch today to find out more.