Why Should I Try A Chemical Peel?

At Cosmetier, your skin doctor near Dunstable, we bring the best aesthetics treatments to our clients and help you look and feel fantastic. One of our favourites is the chemical peel – and with it being the new year and a fresh start for everyone, it feels like the perfect time to reset your skin, too. Here’s a bit more about chemical peels and why we love them.

Simple and effective

With some facial aesthetics treatments, the procedure can seem complex, or take a while. Chemical peels are straightforward, as the treatment is applied to the whole face. Of course, our skin doctors only offer chemical peels to our clients after careful assessment, to ensure it’s the right course of action for your concern.

So many uses

Whether it’s a simple case of dryness or discomfort, ageing issues like lines and wrinkles, a skin concern such as acne or rosacea, or problems with pigmentation and radiance, there’s little a chemical peel can’t benefit. The ingredients of each treatment deeply penetrate the skin to ensure it’s delivered where needed.

Gentle but powerful

We like to say that ‘peels don’t peel’. What they do is help remodel the skin by gently exfoliating away the upper layers and reveal the younger, healthier skin underneath. Though ‘chemical’ may sound harsh, it’s not going to damage your skin and shouldn’t be painful, either. Even better, the masks are customised to your skin needs.

Long-lasting care

Chemical peels, although not permanent, are long-lasting, which makes them a great alternative to surgery – especially when used for anti-ageing purposes, such as targeting lines and wrinkles. We can also put together a tailored treatment plan for you, and usually recommend a course of treatments to maximise results.

Why Cosmetier?

We aim for our chemical peels to target a range of concerns, with an emphasis on delivering even-toned, bright skin with minimal downtime. Our skin doctors shun any treatments that appear fake, frozen or plastic and aim for a natural-looking result. Finally, we’ll always prioritise you – educating you on every element of your treatment and offering options respectfully, without the sales push.

Contact us today

The first step on the journey to better, brighter skin is always a free consultation. It’s a way to honestly discuss appropriate treatments and to assess your skin to discover exactly what it needs. Find out more by contacting us, and secure a consultation at our clinic near Dunstable today!