Your Burning Botox Questions, Answered

Botox is big business – it’s actually one of the top aesthetic beauty treatments in the country! But not everybody knows how this miraculous treatment works, or whether it’s the right thing for their unique skin. And others can feel put-off from the treatment from reading negative accounts in the press. Well, we at Cosmetier skin doctor near Dunstable are here to set the record straight – and can help answer those burning questions you have!

1.How can Botox help me?

Botox can be used to target areas of the face such as the eyes, forehead, smile (a gummy smile) and even the neck (also known as the ‘Nefertiti lift’). It helps create a smooth, youthful appearance through preventing muscles from fully contracting (the reason that some say it’s a muscle relaxer).

2. I’ve had Botox before. Why do I need a consultation?

First and foremost, your skin and its needs change throughout your lifestyle, and while you may have had Botox injections in a specific area in the past, that’s not necessarily the approach that might be needed in the future.

Botox is also a prescription-only medicine, and it may not be right for you, or address the concerns you have. A consultation can really help us determine what the right treatment is and whether Botox is suitable – and gives us both a chance to talk through any concerns.

3. Can I have other treatments too?

Absolutely – for instance, you might like to further enhance your appearance through a treatment such as dermal fillers. We can discuss this with you in greater detail during your consultation at our clinic near Dunstable.

As stated, Botox might not be the best choice for your concerns, either, as it depends on what you’re looking to treat and where.

4. What can I expect from my results?

You should have results for at least 3 months, but this can vary between individuals – and if you regularly have treatment, you may actually be able to go longer. Most of our clients enjoy results within 2 weeks following their appointment.

5. How safe is the treatment?

It’s extremely safe. In fact, Botox was originally developed for medical purposes, and it’s still used today for treating conditions such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and bruxism (teeth grinding).

And now to book….

If you’d like to enquire about Botox injections or any of our other facial aesthetics procedures such as dermal fillers, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.