Award-Winning Dermal Fillers at Cosmetier

Here at Cosmetier, our preferred brand of dermal fillers is TEOXANE. This Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal filler is the first designed to adapt to your facial dynamics and the only one to be FDA approved for use under the eye. 

What are TEOXANE Dermal Fillers?

TEOXANE is a leading brand in the aesthetics industry with an unchanged focus on applying industry-leading expertise and high-quality standards to their products. This offers effective solutions for practitioners to help men and women look and feel their best at all times.

TEOXANE’s range of dermal fillers, TEOSYAL, is an award-winning HA dermal filler designed and manufactured with a patented technology to mimic your skin and offer the most natural but effective results. 

TEOXANE Laboratories have been consistently awarded globally for their outstanding product performance. TEOSYAL RHA dermal fillers have recently been awarded ‘Injectable Product of the Year 2021’ in the Aesthetics Awards, beating similar products on the market by showing evidence of good safety and efficacy optimum duration and tangible benefits.

Why we use TEOSYAL dermal fillers

We use TEOSYAL dermal fillers as they provide a toolbox for us to be able to give your skin exactly what it needs. Thanks to the filler’s versatility, we can offer the most bespoke and natural-looking treatments possible. 

TEOSYAL offers a range of different dermal fillers varying in consistency to offer the most suitable solution for different treatments. Here at Cosmetier, Dr Sharma can use a combination of products for your specific skin type and treatment with the option of being able to alter the fillers she is using depending on whether you have thicker or thinner skin. 

Ultimately we want you to look as natural as possible, with smooth and refreshed skin. TEOSYAL dermal fillers allow us to give you the results you desire with minimal side effects. 


Dermal Fillers at Cosmetier

Dermal fillers are a safe and effective treatment to help reduce signs of ageing, support the structure, highlight and contour your face. All whilst following the shape of your face to keep a natural appearance. Take a look at our earlier blog post to see whether dermal fillers may be able to help you.

During the treatment, Dr Sharma will use a needle or cannula depending on which area she is treating and where she wishes to place the material. Most treatments are undertaken with a cannula as it is safer, a cannula can also be used to stimulate the collagen and place the material in different layers of your skin.

At Cosmetier, we believe that successful treatment is a balance between you looking refreshed and being able to see a subtle difference but without anyone else detecting that you have had any treatments. Your friends and family should only comment on how ‘well’ you look.

I use different dermal fillers and place them where you need them so that you look more awake and the ‘best for your age’.

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