How to relieve tired eyes

More sleep? Less caffeine? Teabags? Less screen time? – There are always a hundred ideas running around your head when you first notice your tired appearance, especially when it is more prominent around the eyes. The fact is, tired eyes and an overall tired appearance is, more often than not, a side effect of ageing meaning no amount of cold cucumber will solve this for you. 

Here at Cosmetier, refreshing your appearance whilst still making you look like you is our speciality. Have you ever considered dermal fillers to improve your tired eyes? Here’s how they can help.

Why do I look tired?

Natural ageing is usually the leading cause of dark circles, hollow eyes and an overall tired appearance. It’s commonly known that collagen production slows down as you age but you also lose elasticity and volume in your skin as the fat pads in your face begin to shrink and descend, causing your skin to appear saggy. 

This can be particularly noticeable under your eye where your eyelid meets your cheek causing noticeable dips around the eyes. Unfortunately, this is a factor no amount of sleep will be able to correct, but dermal fillers can.


How can dermal fillers help?

If you have considered dermal fillers for tired eyes in the past, you may have heard of a tear trough treatment. However, fillers can work much more effectively when addressing your overall facial structure so we can restore volume where it has been lost with time and plump the skin back up.

From your late 30s onwards, it is likely that having dermal fillers placed in your cheeks first before looking at the tear through will offer a better overall refreshed appearance. Your cheeks are the major supporting structure of your face, using dermal fillers we can restore the whole face. Starting your treatment journey here means less filler is needed to achieve your desired results – less is more when looking for natural results that are unique to you and to restore what you have lost.

In some cases, our Profhilo treatment can be a complimenting treatment as it doesn’t restore volume but does help the texture and quality of the skin, leaving it looking and feeling smooth.

Dermal Fillers at Cosmetier

It is ingrained in our ethos to only do work that will restore what you have lost and produce end results that when you look in the mirror, you see a more youthful, natural, confident you and other people notice your fresh appearance but can’t tell why!

Dermal Fillers are a hyaluronic acid (HA) gel, a substance naturally found in your skin. As you get older you produce less HA and naturally break it down. The HA gel used in dermal fillers is thicker than that found in the skin so that we can replace what has been lost by using the least amount possible to give you the subtle result that you desire for longer. Find out more about our dermal fillers treatment here

To treat tired eyes we would use Teoxane’s TEOSYAL® dermal fillers, the only FDA approved dermal filler for tear trough treatments. The HA molecules found in TEOSYAL® dermal fillers are the same structure as the HA in your skin, with results that can last up to 12 to 18 months. The RHA range allows dynamic movement of your skin and muscles so that you can smile, laugh and express yourself freely and naturally.

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