Is Dermal Fillers the right treatment option for me?

The longer we live, the more our faces suffer the effects of gravity, pulling our slackened skin downwards, but how do we fix a sagging jawline and the tips of noses that are travelling south? The answer is not with Dermal Filler!

Dermal Filler is a household name in anti-ageing treatments and although it is very effective at turning back the clock and giving users a rejuvenated appearance that looks natural, it isn’t a suitable tool in combating all of the visible signs of our advancing years. 

It can’t make our thinning lips look fuller, it can’t get rid of the dark circles under our eyes and it can’t remove deep lines on the lower half of the face, such as the lines that run from the nose to the lips, or from the lips to the chin. What it can do however, is greatly reduce the prominence of forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet, which are all incredibly ageing. 

Dermal Filler injections from our Dunstable clinic have transformative powers aesthetically. With more active ingredients than face cream you can buy over the counter, it’s a genuinely effective way to refresh your looks and reduce deep wrinkles. The experienced Dunstable-based Dermal Filler practitioners at our practice will work in a bespoke way to administer treatment that is tailored to your individual appearance. 

How Dermal Filler work

If you have prominent lines that run horizontally across your forehead, these are known as forehead lines. The lines that run vertically between the eyebrows, often up onto the forehead, are known as frown lines, and crows feet are the lines to the sides of the eyes. They occur when our collagen levels decrease in our 30s and 40s. With reduced collagen production, our skin loses some of its elasticity and this is when wrinkles begin to appear.

Stopping key facial muscles from contracting is a great way to prevent wrinkles from forming and remove existing lines. Dermal Filler is short for a Botulinum toxin, a temporary muscle relaxant that does exactly that. It is administered by one our experienced practitioners via injection into a targeted muscle. 

You will begin to notice a difference in your appearance 2-3 days following treatment and then the full effects will be apparent after 10-12 days. You should look less tired and more refreshed, which will lend itself to a more youthful appearance. Once in place, the effects of your treatment should last for 3-4 months before you’ll need to consider a top-up treatment. 

Are you keen to find out just how much younger you could look with fewer lines on your face? Then why not come and have a consultation with us? Our practitioner will be able to advise if our Dunstable Dermal Filler treatment is the most suitable anti-ageing treatment for how your skin is maturing. Should fillers be more appropriate, you’ll receive all the relevant advice you’ll need. Please get in touch with our skin clinic, based in Toddington, to take the first steps towards a younger looking you.