How Much Is My Dermal Filler Treatment Going to Cost?

Price matters (it’s not the only consideration, but it is pretty important). We know that for many of you, this may be one of the first questions you ask when researching whether having these aesthetic treatments are going to be affordable and sustainable for you. It’s understandable. 

One of the most important bits of advice we can offer is to avoid cheap filler treatments! This usually signifies a number of things – unqualified practitioner, cheap product and/ or fake results that aren’t tailored to what you need and placed in the wrong area of your face. This not only is a waste of money when you end up needing to visit a professional to dissolve the filler but it is also unsafe. Read more on our ‘Safe aesthetic treatments in an unregulated industry’ blog post for more information.

How much do I need to budget for dermal fillers? 

Price often dictates which area of your face you have the filler and how much is needed to get the subtle result that you are looking to achieve. 

You need to develop an initial budget and plan for any tweaks that may be needed or treatment of other areas of your face or neck which become more obvious as you start to focus on looking and feeling better about yourself.

It’s tough to answer this question without a consultation because your face and skin is so unique. There are so many variables and options it’s often tough to know the price until you’ve figured out exactly what you need and have had skilled aesthetic practitioners assess your facial profile, where you have aged, how you are ageing, the quality of your skin and most importantly, what you want to achieve and how quickly.

Take a look at our blog post ‘Do I Need Dermal Fillers?’ for more insight on this.

At Cosmetier, we strive to educate every prospective patient, even if that leads you towards a different treatment. We’ll do our level best to offer some realistic price ranges, based on what we regularly treat and dermal filler costs right now (in 2021).

Please keep in mind that all prices, whether for dermal filler treatment of the midface, lower face or neck, are only estimates based on those with mild to moderate volume loss and who want a result that is visible to them but no one could tell that they have had treatment with dermal fillers. Prices can and often do vary drastically based on where and how much volume loss you have as well as lots of other factors.


Different areas of dermal filler treatment

Mid-face (cheeks)

Treatment of the mid-face can cost between £350 to £700 depending on whether you just need a refresh in this area to help you look less tired and more refreshed, or you need more volume replacement to tighten the skin and provide support to lift the jowls and nasolabial folds. As you age the likelihood is that you will benefit from at least a little refresh in your cheek area. Rest assured though, this does not mean that you will have puffy cheeks and that all-dreaded ‘fake look’ that everyone stares at. 

Dr Sharma believes that less is more and will always aim to place the least amount of filler strategically, to achieve the most natural refreshing result for you.

For more information on how we guarantee that you won’t look fake with dermal filler please read our blog.

Lower face

This very much depends on where you need dermal filler in the lower face. If you have jowls that are making you look more like your mum (or dad) or the lower face is becoming broader, then the likelihood is that you will need volume replacement in the mid-face first to support and lift away from the lower jaw. This will reduce how much filler you need in the lower jaw.

At Cosmetier we treat your lower face for what is needed which may include:

  • Supporting the skin and pulling back
  • Defining the jawline and chin area (an area often overlooked in most women)
  • Restoring volume around the mouth 
  • Softening the jowls by supporting the area in front and behind the jowl. A key point to remember is that we never place filler in the actual jowl as this area only gets bigger with time due to the ageing process.

Treatment of the lower face starts at £350 and depends on which product is going to work best, how much product is needed and the complexity of the area being treated. 


The skin of the neck is lifted by the supporting structures of the midface and the lower jaw. If these areas are adequately supported you can get a natural lift of the neck area. This is why at Cosmetier we always assess your cheeks and lower jaw when assessing the neck.

Therefore, when treating a saggy neck you may be advised to have treatment in the midface and lower face before skin tightening treatment with Profhilo. 

It may be that you have adequate support and therefore we can treat directly with Profhilo to address the crepiness and help tighten this area.

Whether you are having treatment with Profhilo or dermal fillers, Dr Sharma will use a cannula to help collagen stimulation so you not only gain from the benefits of the product but you will get your natural collagen stimulation too.

The cost of Profhilo in the neck is £750 for 2 sessions, 4 weeks apart.   

Tailored, Natural Results

Everyone is different. Everyone’s needs and skin type are different, and we understand that. 

By using expert techniques specific to your skin and ageing process, quality products and restoring what you have lost, we guarantee you will never look fake when you have treatments at Cosmetier. Book a free consultation here.